In Turkey, every year thousands of Turkish citizens are killed in traffic accidents. Unfortunately, these loses are far above the EC figures. Besides these human loses, the financial burden caused by the accidents is very high. There are important duties for the state, the citizens and non-governmental organizations in reducing these acidents.

In reducing and avoiding the traffic accidents, it is an important factor that vehicles be appropriately equipped for the road and weather conditions. The main factor is the usage of winter tyres in winter conditions. It is known that the summer tyres – due to its rubber material – hardens and its adhesion to road reduces at temperatures below +7°C, whereas winter tyres – due to the characteristics of its Silica material – remains flexible and its adhesion to road remains well at these temperatures.

Winter tyres, starting from Northern Europe, spread throughout Europe and afterwards the World. There are countries where the wintertyres are mandatory, but number of the countries where the winter tyres are not mandatory, but the drivers are fitting wintertyres volountarily, is higher.

Our country is a country that is surrounded by sea in three directions, with an average elevation of 1100m, and where the winter conditions are very heavy in some provinces. It is possible that three even four seasons appear at the same time and that a coach departures in the evening at a temperature – 30 °, but next morning arrives to destination at + 10 °C. Some cities are seven months covered with the snow. In the climate and road conditions of our country the winter tires are useful in some cities but maybe essential in some other.It is possible to prevent some accidents and deaths by using the winter tires.

The main objective of the web site wintertyreturkey.com is to raise the consciousness of the drivers, get the winter tires widespread, and reduce number of the traffic accidents by promoting winter tires.

wintertyreturkey.com wants to arrange various activities and do tests showing the necessity of winter tires with the help of sponsors.

wintertyreturkey.com is open to all companies willing to promote and/or sell the winter tires which they import or produce.

wintertyreturkey.com is not a producer, importer or a seller of winter tires, but wants to do sales depending on demand in the future.

wintertyreturkey.com will be a web page where there is everything about winter tires.

wintertyreturkey.com will be the web page of those who pay importance to the risk management, because;



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